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Small crypto currency exchange has been supposedly hacked and also they claim now that most crypto has been lost. And I want to speak with you guys about what we can know from this and also ways to protect your crypto later on. And having a look at the Bitcoin cost, we may see that Bit coin is rebounding between immunity and support.

What are the results when Bit-coin breaks out? And towards the end of this video, I would like to speak a small bit concerning. The inflation rate and the consumer price index and why wages could be seemingly moving upward, however they are in reality moving. And if you believe that seems fun, I believe you ought to definitely CrossFit.

Hi there guys, and welcome into the moon. My name is Carl and that I image attracting this as a movie. Overall, let us take a look at Bitcoin and the simple fact that Bitcoin, since you can observe, has broken through. That enormous, a grim immunity zonethat had been of course, past service turned to immunity. And, uh, we now got a first small denying there.

But today Bit-coin has indeed broken as a result of this resistance. The question would soon become, of course, is, it can be able to sustain , or are going to find a correction? Of course, should we zoom into the four-hour lean. We can find out that once we, um, back evaluation an support, that's if we absolutely should pay consideration.

Because, for example, that is really something that, um, I had been talking about. So for example, whenever we're here, exactly what I stated was that if we come down and back evaluation the former service, that stems from your previous point right there, then it is very important. For the bulls for supported right here. Also it would be quite bullish if the support could be back-tested as successfully, as that will ordinarily serve as a bullish sign.

And of course the higher scenario is to interrupt it. And if so, uh, this option could indeed have come to an end. And the specific very same thing will likely be true at this time, if we were to back again test this level. It's very important for the bulls to keep support since fundamentally, I meanwe can see many instances of this, uh, rear testings studies usually contributes into another leg up as can determine you reach opposition.